“Unlimited Wash Club” provides one car wash per day, weather permitting, and each month membership is automatically renewed until canceled. Note: You must create or have an existing and valid membership with your vehicle(s) with Star Brite Car Wash to participate in program. Only vehicle(s) registered are eligible for program. Members of exterior wash club are per-vehicle and do not include any interior detail service. Members may use self-serve token-based vacuums free of charge upon request. Sorry, we do not accept cash as a form of payment for unlimited wash program. Valid payment information is required for program; vehicle(s) pass will be deactivated for nonpayment. Membership can be canceled at any time, but no refunds or credits will be given for partial periods. Enjoy continued access to our wash until the end of the canceled paid period. Membership can be canceled by contacting us by email, telephone, or visiting our location before your next monthly re-bill date. A household card for each additional vehicles is available to a primary account holder’s spouse, domestic partner, or immediate family member living at the same address. Household cardholder will be asked to present proof of affiliation and identical credit or debit card to account-holder. Household cardholder receives same wash package as primary account holder. Star Brite Car Wash reserves the right to cancel, amend, or change the program or membership periodically, for any necessary reason, including abuse. By joining the Star Brite Wash Unlimited Wash Club Program, you authorize Star Brite Car Wash to bill your provided debit or credit card the monthly (after-tax) total of $19.07 for Express Wash Club, $25.43 for Deluxe Express Wash Club, or $31.79 for Ultimate Express Wash Club, or $10.59 for additional household vehicles of Express, Deluxe, or Ultimate Express Wash Club. Monthly membership fee is dependent on your chosen plan.

Gift Cards: Only specially marked gift cards purchased from an outside third party may be applied towards your account to the unlimited wash club program. Note: You must first create or have an existing and valid membership with your vehicle(s) with the “Unlimited Wash Club” program to redeem gift card towards your vehicle(s) account. The entire value of the gift card will be applied to your primary or secondary vehicle accounts upon redemption. The duration of the gift card credit will be dependent on the value of the gift card redeemed. Membership will continue monthly with authorized debit/credit card until canceled. Membership is subject to acceptance of our Terms of Use. Valid payment information is still required for the creation of new member account for verification purpose.