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Wash club provides one car wash per day. Membership is automatically renewed. Card is charged monthly on your anniversary start date. Cancel anytime online at StarBriteCW.com, contacting us via phone, email, or in person. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods. Wash passes are issued for all registered vehicles. Only the vehicles registered are eligible for the unlimited wash program. Star Brite Car Wash has the right to cancel membership at any time for any reason, including abuse. By joining the Star Brite Unlimited Wash Club, you authorize Star Brite Car Wash to bill your provided debit/credit card the monthly (after-tax) total of $21.19 for Shimmering, $28.61 for Shining, $37.09 for Shooting, and $10.59 for additional vehicles of any level. Privacy Notice: We do NOT retain full credit card information on file, locally or digitally.

Gift Cards: Only specially marked gift cards purchased from an outside third party may be applied towards your account to the unlimited wash club program. Note: You must first create or have an existing and valid membership with your vehicle(s) with the “Unlimited Wash Club” program to redeem gift card towards your vehicle(s) account. The entire value of the gift card will be applied to your primary or secondary vehicle accounts upon redemption. The duration of the gift card credit will be dependent on the value of the gift card redeemed. Membership will continue monthly with authorized debit/credit card until canceled. Membership is subject to acceptance of our Terms of Use. Valid payment information is still required for the creation of new member account for verification purpose.[/ultimate_heading]

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