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    Can't Decide? SHIMMERING STAR WASH includes our one of a kind 360° HIGH PRESSURE machine that sprays under, over, and all around your vehicle to remove bugs, salt, dirt and debris each wash. SHINING STAR WASH includes the previous level, plus wheel & rim cleaner, triple foam polish wax (a second soap cycle in the tunnel), Rain-X water repellent (water beads and repels when it rains), and a ceramic sealant to finish you off, protect your paint and leave a shine. SHOOTING STAR WASH everything above, plus carnauba hot wax (third cycle of soap) and tire shine (glossy tire look). While these extras may be bells and whistles - it makes your vehicle look fantastic and your tires stay shiny. You can always change wash levels another month, or buy a la cart what you're not getting day of. Have another Q? Reach out on Facebook or Instagram for a fast answer.