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    Twinkle level is what we call our basic "WASH & GO" - no extras. Shimmering includes our popular 360° HIGH PRESSURE spray down, under, over, and around your vehicle to remove salt, dirt and debris each wash. In spring, this is also a bug and pollen removing wash. FYI - We are the only car wash with this high pressure system and we are very popular for it! Shining Star includes the previous level, plus wheel chemical cleaner, triple foam polish wax (a second soap cycle in the tunnel), Rain X water repellent (water repels when it rains), and a ceramic sealant to finish you off to protect and leave a shine. Shooting Star includes everything above, a third cycle soap cycle with Hot Wax, and tire shine (glossy tire look). This level is bells and whistles, if you don't need it - but it looks great and protects your paint. You can always change your wash levels, or buy a la cart what you're not getting day of. Have another Q? Reach out!