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We hope these questions answer a lot of your questions. If you have any other questions not answered below, reach out to us! mail@starbritecw.com or give us a ring.

Are you open?
YES – Limited hours, around the weather. April 2020 – We are generally open 10am-4PM, weather permitting. Because of the recommended stay at home order and low traffic volume, we have been open a few days a week to allow everyone to see us and wash. We are updating our FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, and our front page, as much as we can with our schedule. We are hoping to get back to a regular schedule in May or June. Spread the word!

Are you auto-billing right now?
NO – We stopped automatic auto-billing March 24 for pass holders. We thought this was the fair thing to do. Not only that, April essentially has been complimentary for all our wash pass holders. Your wash pass is ACTIVE and WORKING, and you may wash complimentary when we are open. Stop by! Stick your card in, enter, and keep your windows up! We are working contactless as much as we can.

When will you resume auto billing?
Unless something changes with government, we are planning on resuming auto billing April 24 for. You will be auto-charged at your assigned day of month when you joined with us. Example, if we charge you on the 17th, your next charge is May 17, 2020. Please keep your credit cards and expiration dates updated to avoid us calling you or needing to interact in person. You can update easily and safely on our card update page.

I have a “Paid in full” pass that was set to expire after March 24.
Generally, we extended all of the paid in full passes an extra month. Example, if you were expiring April 15, you can wash to May 15. Not sure when your pass is set to expire? Press “Print Receipt” at our kiosk, and your date is at the bottom. We have a lot of accounts to get to, so bear with us. Send us an email if you need to chat.

I’m facing hardships.
Please give us a call or email us at mail@starbritecw.com . We are a family and do not want to see your normal way of life change, even for a little. We’d love to still have you in any capacity, but everyone’s situation is different. Lets chat, please.

It’s no secret, our memberships and our customers drive our business and continue to finance our improvements at the car wash. The facility has seen a handful of upgrades each month since we began our upgrades. Your membership with us is not just a pass to get a car wash, it helps us improve our machines and perfect chemistry and technology here. We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us through this economic downturn. We’ll make it together through this.


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