Incident Report

Fill and complete form to all of the requested information to assist in the investigation and processing of a potential claim.  You MUST fill out all boxes and submit photos of incident in order for proper submission.

Failure to provide all of the requested information will delay the response and processing of a potential claim.

Tell the customer the following:

By completing this report, Star Brite Car Wash does NOT accept any responsibility for the stated damage until the claim is investigated by a member of management.

A manager will review the report and photos along with our surveillance footage and will be in touch to discuss the next steps within a few days.

Incident reports MUST be filled out within 72 hours from incident in order to be processed.

Incident reports filed after this timeframe cannot be processed and may not be covered.

  • Incident Report

    Please fill out the form below and submit to out Management team. Be sure to include as many images of any damages.

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